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Test of Spoken English for Business

The Test of Spoken English for Business (TSEB) is an extended version of the oral test used in the Business English Skills Test. 

Duration: 30-40 minutes 

The test can be adapted to any specific professional area and is suited to candidates with an intermediate (B1) level and higher. 

The test format can vary slightly according to the speciality, but is typically composed of: 

A 5-10 minute warm-up during which the candidate introduces him or herself and answers a few general questions.

A 15-minute presentation on a theme chosen by the candidate(s) which should include visual aids (PowerPoint, slides, documentation) followed by questions from the examiner(s). 

A role-play inspired by the candidate’s specific professional context. 

Candidates can be tested individually or in pairs. .


Candidates obtain a score out of 100.

Score FBCCI Level CEF Level*
96-100/100 Bilingual C2
81-95/100 Advanced C1
61-80/100 Upper-Intermediate B2
41-60/100 Intermediate B1
26-40/100 Pre-Intermediate A2
11-25/100 Elementary A1
0-10/100 Beginner A1-

* Common European Framework 

Candidates receive a detailed score report as well as a certificate.