Diplomas and Tests in Business and Professional English
Your Key to Successful Communication in International Business

Using the FBCCI's exams & tests in HR and training

The FBCCI examinations and tests have been designed to meet the linguistic evaluation needs of businesses.

In the context of recruitment they allow users to:

  • determine the English level required for each post.
  • rapidly select candidates with the required level in the short-listing phase.
  • assess a candidate’s abilities in specific skills such as business letter-writing and business presentations.
  • assess a candidate’s mastery of the terminology related to a specific sector.


In the context of language training they allow users to:

  • quickly assess participants’ levels to be able to determine training needs and create homogenous groups.
  • determine trainees’ specific objectives as well as their priority areas for English training.
  • measure progress made by trainees after training.
  • offer trainees the possibility of sitting for a recognised qualification at the end of their training course.


The FBCCI’s pedagogical consultants are at the service of HR and Training Managers to help them choose the appropriate test product for their needs.