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Recognition of the FBCCI Language Certifications

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce has been certifying levels in business and professional English for over a century.  

The FBCCI exams and tests were originally designed for people whose principal language is French. However, even though the vast majority of candidates taking the test today are French speakers, a growing number of candidates from other countries are taking the tests – often foreign students studying in French universities or business schools. Although the FBCCI exams and tests are not normally used for academic purposes (i.e. as an entry test for students wanting to study in a foreign university) they are widely recognized in the business world as a certification of a person’s ability to function in English in a professional environment.

The FBCCI’s detailed level descriptors, which are in complete harmony with the levels of the Common European Framework, guarantee full recognition of all FBCCI language certifications in any European country. The FBCCI certifications are also recognized by the COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe - www.cobcoe.eu) of which the Franco-British Chamber is a member.