Diplomas and Tests in Business and Professional English
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Test production and Quality Control

The FBCCI examinations are written by the FBCCI Pedagogical Team of 12, composed of technical advisors for the business content, professional language test writers and proof-readers. The audio files for the Listening Comprehension papers are produced in a professional studio using native-speaker actors as well as ordinary native speakers (to give a more 'natural' feel to the dialogues). Each exercise produced goes through a rigorous validation process to ensure that the final test is in total conformity with the exam specifications. Before being used for real exams, the exercises are tested by students following courses in one of the FBCCI's partner schools. The results are then analysed by the FBCCI's test validation programme. The FBCCI uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee that the scores produced are as reliable as possible. The paper tests are corrected by a small team of highly-trained correctors. The Writing tests are marked by at least 2 correctors. Oral examinations can only be administered by native English speakers who have been trained in the FBCCI's method of evaluation. The examiners' grading is checked regularly and examiners are retrained if it is deemed necessary.