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how does BEST online work?

BEST online works as a dynamic program on the Internet, or, if taken in a large company, on the corporate intranet. You can access it as easily as reading an online newspaper. Once logged in, whether as a student of a language school or as an employee in a company, you have three opportunities to do the test. The interactive database will track your results to show you how your English level improves within the year.


If you are a large company…

  •  tailor-made installation by professional technicians
  •  annual licensing of a series of 3 tests per candidate
  •  secure database management system on the internal intranet
  •  possibility of in-house certification
  •  simple administration of personalised user interface
  •  confidential and immediate results
  •  guaranteed annual maintenance
  •  option of linking results to other HR databases.


If you are a training organisation…

  •  easy management of online client and student accounts
  •  test students in-house or in client resource centre
  •  prove training quality by tracking student progress
  •  constant technical help provided by our technicians
  •  regular updates of BEST online test material
  •  become an official FBCCI testing centre to be able to administer the BEST online Writing and Speaking tests.



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