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The results of Module 1 of the test are available immediately. The results of BEST online Writing and Speaking Tests are normally available within 10 working days.


Candidates obtain a score of between 0 and 100 for each section of the test and a global score of between 0 and 100 which determines their level according to the FBCCI scale with the corresponding level in the Common European Framework (CEF).


In addition, candidates are given recommendations regarding the appropriate FBCCI Diploma for their level.


Thanks to the FBCCI's extensive experience in the area of language testing, you can be confident that the level given to you reflects your professional capacities in English.*


Candidates are issued either with a test report or, if they have taken all three modules of the test in controlled exam conditions within an official FBCCI testing centre, they are awarded the FBCCI BEST Online Certificate.


* A truly reliable score can only be obtained by taking all 3 modules of the test.


Click here to see a typical BEST online test report.



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