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What is BEST online?

BEST online is the online version of the BUSINESS ENGLISH SKILLS TEST, a paper-based test created by the FBCCI in 2001 in response to the needs formulated by a number of large companies operating in France. Click here to find out more about the paper-based test.

More than just a language assessment tool, this automatic computer-based test is designed as an aid for businesses and training organisations to help assess English levels before, during and after training.


BEST online can be used anywhere, at any time, either on the Internet or on your corporate intranet, and gives you instant results, thus allowing its users to have easy access to information necessary for recruitment, training and mobility purposes.


  •  suitable for companies, business schools, universities and professional training organisations
  •  user-friendly, modular format
  •  quick and easy to administer
  •  no advance preparation required to take the test
  •  sophisticated database management system
  •  an innovative 3 test-per-candidate structure
  •  immediate and reliable results
  •  excellent value for money.


For more information on the structure of BEST online and what is tested exactly, please click here.



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